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Archroma and Pantone Products

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Technical advancements in today’s marketplace have inspired us to redesign the PANTONE FASHION+HOME Color System so it works harder for you. To help uphold consistency and accuracy of all 1,925 colors in our System, Pantone Inc. and Archroma International Ltd., one of the world’s largest textile colorant and chemical producers, formed a strategic partnership. Together, Pantone and Archroma are proud to introduce SMART formulations, the world’s first method of color creation designed with the fashion and home furnishings markets in mind.

Sensible Consistent, reproducible color
Manageable Optimized color constancy
Accessible Readily available swatches using globally available dye
Relevant Colors selected from the fashion and home marketplace
Tough Durable colors formulated to maximize colorfastness
Archroma Match Pantone® Colors – A SMART Partnership

SENSIBLE (S) (Consistent, reproducible color) A sensible color saves tremendous amounts of time and money. Using the SMART principle, all colors have been reformulated for optimum batch-to-batch consistency, commercial reproduction and exceptional color-fastness properties1. To protect the color during storage and shipping, each SMART color swatch card is packaged airtight in a BHT-free UV protective pouch.

CottonSelector_smlMANAGEABLE (M) (Optimized Color Constancy) Color constancy (or inconstancy) has become an important consideration in color development. Constancy refers to how the color matches itself when lighting conditions change. Though it is impossible to completely prevent color inconstancy, Pantone and Archroma expertly evaluate every dyestuff combination to minimize this effect.
Archroma Match Pantone® Colors – A SMART Partnership ACCESSIBLE (A) (Readily available swatches created using globally available dyes) PANTONE SMART color swatch cards are available in 75 countries worldwide. Log onto to find a dealer near you. In addition, we used only Archroma’s globally available, approved dyestuffs to create our SMART formulations.

RELEVANT (R) (Colors selected from the fashion and home marketplace) Finding your color inside the PANTONE System is not a coincidence; it is there by design! One of the most important features of the PANTONE System is its relevance to your marketplace. The most frequent comment we receive is how often designers find the exact color they are looking for in the PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System and nowhere else!

TOUGH (T) (Durable colors formulated to maximize colorfastness) As part of the SMART formulation process, Pantone and Archroma carefully selected dyestuff combinations for each color that provide excellent light-fastness, as well as durability to washing, dry cleaning and wear *. Every recipe was selected to meet typical garment fastness requirements and customer expectations.
* Pantone and Archroma do not guarantee any fastness properties or performance characteristics and assume no liability for the performance of suggested formulations. We recommend that each customer test their dyestuff recipe for performance prior to approving colors for production